My Stuff

A curated list of ideas and works, old and new.

Current projects

OpenDoTT - PhD research on smart city, part of the Open Design of Trusted Things project of University of Dundee Northumbria University and Mozilla Foundation (2019-2022).

Tropixel - Brazil-based network on arts, science, technology and society (since 2013 as a festival, reactivated as ongoing online group in 2020).

Past projects

Inovação Cidadã - Conceitos - Open learning itinerary on 'citizen innovation' (2019 / 2020).

Ciência Aberta Ubatuba - Ubatuba Open Science, research-action project (2015-2017).

Rede//Labs - open research about networked labs and experimental digital culture (2009-2016).

BricoLabs - international network on free/open hardware, software, spectrum and culture, and generic infrastructures (2006-2013).

MetaReciclagem - critical appropriation of technologies for social change (2003-2012).

MutGamb - Mutirão da Gambiarra editorial collective (2008-2012).

Desvio - Experimental / art collective (2008-2012).

efeefe - my old blog.


Micropublicação compilada em 2008, como uma "tentativa de levantar algumas questões que me parecem relevantes na busca do que pode ser uma identidade brasileira nos contextos de ativismo midiático e apropriação tecnológica dos dias de hoje. Na ausência de repertório teórico e método científico, vou...

Alexandre Freire, Ariel G. Foina, Felipe Fonseca

This paper, more than presenting a case study, introduces the context in which digital and electronic culture, and the ideology that surrounds these cultures in Brazil, were able to influence the programs of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. We w...