I found this book by chance in the DJCAD Library. Seems to be made for young design students. Just copying a couple paragraphs here in deference for the cyberpunk pioneer. Comment added on 04/10/2019.

pp. 56-57

What we know about prehistorical humans comes mostly from their things. Prehistoric peoples left us no documentation, since they were pre-literate. However, they left many things that they shaped, then discarded or lost. Occasionally, abandoned and forgotten Paleolithic artwork is found, deep in caves or in lonely deserts. Sometimes, we discover fragments of their bodies. If we were to judge ourselves by the efforts of ours that survive the passage of time, we'd best be described as Man the Rubbish Maker. We've been polluting since before we were human. Chipping rocks into tools is a messy, haphazard process. When archeologists investigate ancient rock foundries, they always find vastly more rock waste than they ever find tools. Rock waste is the earliest form of pollution. It is an unsought, useless, and hazardous externality to a technological process.


Because we humans enjoy things and use things, our favorite things wear out quickly. Pollution is not subject to our consumption. So pollution tends to persist, while the useful tends to wear out.

p. 58

It is difficult to deal with rubbish. Humans have always failed to deal with our trash as we made it. The role of trash is therefore exalted over the longer term. Civilizations collapse, but their ruins are a byword. Trash is always our premier cultural export to the future.

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