Reuse in the city

As OpenDoTT moves steadily towards the end of its second year, I feel my research changing into a different mode. Whilst in the first phase I have decided on a particular topic and explored ways to approach it, I am currently expanding my activities in two directions: prototyping with open hardware (with the great support of OpenDoTT partner Officine Innesto, and starting to build up a community, inspired among other influences by the Mozilla Foundation. I have recently conducted an online co-design lab called I am also getting acquainted with organisations and collectives working on zero waste, circular economy and other areas that overlap with my research interests. In the absence of an University Library, I have acquired a handful of books to help me reflect and analyse my findings (as well as hopefully finding an academic "home", not an easy task for an antidisciplinary type like me). All in all, good expectations for the coming months, despite the COVID blues. This blog was a little abandoned in recent months as a result of these other strands of work, but I'll try to be more present from now on.

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