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TL;DR: help me co-design ways to reuse materials and reduce waste! Hop to to learn more and sign up.

Hi. I am Felipe Schmidt Fonseca, a PhD researcher in the OpenDoTT project (Northumbria University / Mozilla Foundation). My current research questions revolve around waste prevention through practices of reuse.

In this page you can find information about my current effort to co-design and prototype technologies that promote the reuse of goods and materials in contemporary cities. In previous research activities I found that a critical point is the ability to assess the potential value of discarded materials. At the moment I am adopting a speculative approach towards potential uses of digital technologies to aid on that matter.

Everyday documentation about my research can be found on this git repository. More general research progression is usually reported on this blog. During four weeks of April 2021 I'm expecting to engage people to participate on an online co-design lab (see below) in order to develop these ideas in an open format.

Online co-design lab

I am currently inviting practitioners, researchers and activists to join a series of online activities during the month of April 2021. I expect to gather feedback on some ideas I've been developing, as well as to co-create and validate new ones.

The outcomes of the co-design lab will be published with open licenses and shared openly. Participants of the online workshops must adhere to the informed consent terms approved by Northumbria University's ethics processes (see below, Participant Information Sheet and Informed Consent Form).

Help needed - sign up now!

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Blog Comments powered by Discourse.