Hi, and welcome to I am Felipe Schmidt Fonseca, a PhD researcher in the OpenDoTT project (Northumbria University / Mozilla Foundation). My current research questions revolve around waste prevention through practices of reuse. Learn more about my research here.

This page holds the ongoing documentation of my current efforts to co-design and prototype technologies and other ways to help assess the potential value of discarded materials. It will be updated in tandem with meta-documentation on my second year of research.

Online co-design lab

I have recently recruited participants to join a series of activities during four weeks in April 2021. I have used this repository to document the process, insights and findings. I have also set up communication channels with the participants that will soon be opened up for participants. And I intend to use this twitter profile to post updates in the future. At some point I will also update the hotsite with meaningful contents, inspired by my research activities.