At the current stage - August 2020 - of the OpenDoTT project, I am working on design concepts that respond to data collected in this first year of work. The data comes from two design research studies; my explorations towards literature review; and reflection upon projects I have been involved with in the past.

My investigation is focused on smart cities with a strong emphasis on environmental and social issues, as well as ownership and sovereignty. I am directing my attention in particular to waste management, but with a specific take on it. I want to contribute with solutions to avoid as much as possible the very need to manage waste in the usual way and to encourage instead the reuse of materials in cities and towns through initiatives of repair and repurposing aimed at and run by local actors.

This sort of initiative is arguably nothing new, as people have been repairing, repurposing and recirculating things since forever. These practices, however, are seldom pictured in discussions about smart cities.

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