Fixfest UK 2020

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year's edition of Fixfest UK, originally planned to take place in Glasgow, moved to a series of online meetings. I had the chance to present my research and some of the things I am planning to do in next phases of the project.

Now, this move to a strictly online mode of participation is not without traumas. What I usually like to do in conferences is to pop in randomly to different sessions and rooms, never staying too long. I'm more on the shy side of a personality spectrum (except of course when I'm among trusted friends or, I admit, on stage), but I keep my eyes and ears open during coffee breaks.

That way of sensing the mood of the events I've been to has helped me learn a lot and on occasion say something relevant. It's always an anxiety both for myself and the event organisers who would prefer having my slides ready beforehand. At least earlier than five minutes before the session, as is often the case. At times, this thing did not work and I ended up losing the opportunity to pay attention to others' presentations without gaining anything for my own. But it's my way.

I believe I wrote the paragraphs above as an excuse for feeling uncomfortable sharing the video of my session during Fixfest. Even stranger than seeing myself presenting is to have my own living room as a background.

Despite all my concerns, it was a great opportunity to interact with people who are really interested at least in part of my research. I thank again the Restart Project for making it possible. And I believe it was a good exercise as I was moving to the next phase - generating concept ideas based on what I've done so far. All that said, here's the video:

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