My Stuff

A curated list of ideas and works, old and new.

Current projects

OpenDoTT - PhD research on smart city, part of the Open Design of Trusted Things project of University of Dundee and Mozilla Foundation (2019-2022).

Archived projects

Ciência Aberta Ubatuba - Ubatuba Open Science, research-action project (2015-2017).

BricoLabs - international network on free/open hardware, software, spectrum and culture, and generic infrastructures (2006-2013).

MetaReciclagem - critical appropriation of technologies for social change (2003-2012).

MutGamb - Mutirão da Gambiarra editorial collective (2008-2012).

Desvio - Experimental / art collective (2008-2012).

efeefe - my old blog.


Walking. Headphones connected to the screenie. Not surpringly, I listen to Code 46's soundtrack. The heat is mild, the sun has set a few hours ago. I cross avenues of smooth tarmac and fast cars, exploring mentally the map that I avoid consulting in my pocket. Some families stroll through the park t...